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Welcome to Tespa. At Tespa we re inspired by tradition. United by time tested technology.

Tespa has numerous technical and professional employment opportunities in the field of robotics and automation. Every day at Tespa is a new opportunity to collaborate with the best minds in the field of Automation, to develop solutions that make difference for the good. Ours is a company which invests in its people in a way that leadership, innovation, growth and unyielding integrity become a way of life. Join us and be a part of the Factory automation team.

At Tespa we are passionate about our customers, our employees, and the work we perform. Of particular importance to us here at Tespa is the human side of things. Appreciation and enthusiasm are core elements of our daily work. We respect and celebrate individuality and diversity and are committed to provide a safe and healthy working environment that motivates employees and fosters professional growth. We encourage our employees to take initiative and cooperate to achieve objectives and seek new challenges.

We offer workplace with.

  • Workplace that Proactively maintain a individuals continue to be proud of being in our team.
  • An engaging, customer-focused environment in the automation industry where talents are appreciated, people are heard, and results are encouraged.
  • Career advancement opportunities through continual learning & development to explore our innovative culture that make Tespa special.
  • Comprehensive compensation and benefit package and Provide a fair, structured and challenging work environment with equal opportunity to all employees.
  • An environment that fosters teamwork and empowerment and Promote excellence in work over all other considerations

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